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Crispy Driven Pixels


Anastasiy Safari

Oleg Oxyuk

Crispy Driven Pixels, Inc is a California-based software development company. We create things at the intersection of art, fun and productivity (sounds tempting, right?), making those tiny little bits of information — pixels — work for you. The company is founded by Oleg Oxyuk and Anastasiy Safari.

Anastasiy's professional team that for years makes famous products for digital artists and graphics designers in Hollywood, game studios, film production studios creates everything here at CDP. (Our products are used inside such studios as Dreamworks, Blizzard, Disney... you know them all. We made Photoshop® color wheel panel, color mixer and much more).

Oleg is Anastasiy's classmate from MIPT. He's a PhD rockstar with 15 years of experience in building and running software startups.

Crispy Driven Products

Digested — Quickly import bookmarks and notes from iBooks on iPhone, iPod, iPad. Export to PDF and Evernote on Mac. *NO jailbreak required

Ethereal — Draw with fingers in the air in Adobe® Photoshop®

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